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Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement, also called Medigap, are plans sold by private insurance companies to fill in the coverage gaps and deductibles that Original Medicare does not cover. For instance, if Medicare covers 80 percent of a doctor’s visit, Medigap will cover the remaining 20 percent. With a Medicare Supplemental plan, there is little additional cost to you for healthcare beyond your premium.

Question Summary

  1. Are Medigap plans limited to a specific network?

  2. Do I need a referral with a Medicare Supplement plan?

  3. What is the difference between a UnitedHealth Card Plan G and a Humana Plan G?


Advantages of a standard Medicare Supplement policy are:

  • Choose your own doctor and hospitals

  • No referrals required

  • You can use it anywhere in the United States as long as they accept Medicare

  • You know what your expenses are which makes it easier to budget

All Medicare Supplelemental policies are standardized and regulated by law. This means that each company must offer the same plans (Parts A-N) with the only difference being the price.

However, prices can vary widely between companies. Mapping Medicare can help you weed through the options to find the right provider with the right price for you.



  A Quick Recap 


    Use anywherer in the United States as long as Medicare is accepted

  ✔  No referrals needed

  Medigap plans are standardized. The only difference is price

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